You know who else wears Kleenex boxes on his feet? Vin Diesel.

On December 5, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

I’m doing my drawing assignments in the order in which they were received, which means the fates decree that I now do like seven California-themed drawings in a row. You people are starved for surf, sand, and teeny little dogs wearing Ugg boots.

I was having trouble drawing bear feet, and then I thought, What if bears don’t like having bare feet? Solution: BEAR SANDALS, brought to you by Dr. Scholl.

Then I made this one, which just looks like crap. I sketched both of these while I was eating lunch in my car yesterday, and I think I was making that one guy on the left nervous, the way I kept looking at him and then looking down at my lap. God knows what he thought I was doing to myself. This is why I stay in my car, people! Out in the world you are vulnerable to any nut job who wants to draw a terrible picture of you.

Anyway, I don’t think I can bear to send this to anyone, despite its semi-accuracy as a slice of Montecito lunchtime life. I don’t want to resort to palm trees and surf boards to depict this place for foreigners, but I might have to just so no one gets the wrong idea about California, the magical state where the bears wear sandals and apparently the men relax with Kleenex boxes on their feet.



5 Responses to “You know who else wears Kleenex boxes on his feet? Vin Diesel.”

  • You’re so funny. I LOVE the bear sandals.

  • It’s actually a well-documented fact that bears cannot stand having bare feet — primarily because they absolutely detest homophones and can’t deal with the fact that there is more than one word that sounds like their name. So “bare” is actually a very taboo word, among most bear communities. It’s a very complicated and messy social thing, you know how these things get.

  • So here I am, reading and scrolling and kind of half asleep and finding your drawings very lovely and your writing very soothing and then all of the sudden I see “….the magical state where bears wear sandals.” And my mind goes into overdrive because I know lots of bears, and they wear sandals, I think. So, I texted the bears I know, asking if they wore sandals only in California, or if they wore them here in Hawaii too. And then I scrolled up to get a closer look at the picture. And then I realized there were 2 pictures. And then I realized that when you said “bears” you weren’t talking about gay men. And that it was none of anyone’s business if they guys with kleenex boxes on their heads were gay or straight or bi or just bi-curious. And then I texted my friends a second time, apologized for the misunderstanding and assured them that it was a-okay to wear sandals here in Hawaii, that it wasn’t just a California thing, and then I made a vow to stop using the scroll button because sometimes I accidentally (apparently) hit the “page down” button and I miss important details.

    Bottom line: I like your drawings and bears (of all varieties) with sandals are cool in my book. Also, I am going to bed now.

  • This makes me feel very patriotic. The bear, I mean, not the Montecito. The Montecito always makes me want to bring on the Revolution. Just saying. ;)

  • I really like the ‘seen from my car’ sketch. Shoes, shmoos.