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On January 14, 2013 by Eden M. Kennedy

For some reason I could not handle all the nice words the Internet funneled my way at birthday time, so I turned off my computer and walked away. I thought my self-esteem issues had been mostly resolved but I guess they have not! And so I responded to your kindness by hiding under the Birthday Throne until it was all over. I hope that didn’t trigger anyone’s abandonment issues; I can’t imagine anyone being that invested in this web site, what with me taking off for weeks at a time nowadays. Fortunately, I don’t feel a shred of guilt for not posting; what I do feel shreds and great hanging gobs of guilt for is not keeping up with sending out any drawings for the last month. My only explanation is that I was both overwhelmed by family obligations and stumped by the request for “a fat old lady talking about sex.”

Then I was taking a lunch break last week, sitting on a bench outside of Pierre Lafond’s in the sun. I spent the first half of my lunch reading San Miguel (which I really like so far) and the second half noodling around on a blank piece of paper and wondering whether human faces need to be (a) symmetrical, or (b) realistic. I concluded that they do not! And then I made this:


I’m not so sure about the story but I love her face.


Jack reminded me that no one has a symmetrical face (except for Nefertiti and Cybill Shepard) so I now feel freed up for all sorts of mayhem.

On Friday I spoke to an insurance agent who seemed poised to send me a check for actual money that will go towards buying a replacement car, so I have been reluctantly picking around various online car sites to see what’s available and for how much. I’ve got my face covered half the time, peeking through my fingers at the horrible amount of money it’s going to cost to replace a car that had been paid off since 2007. Buying anything on eBay with a “Buy It Now!” price of $7,500 seems absurd, but I’m going to have to suck it up and make a decision pretty soon. Big purchases terrify me. I would like another Volvo because it’s like driving around in a fuel-injected tank, but I don’t know if I can afford one that was made in this century. I could pocket the money and use it for 20 years of bus fare, I suppose. I’d certainly get a lot of knitting done that way.

I have also been spending some time every day on Pinterest and woe betide you if I find you are posting incorrectly attributed pins, for I am the self-appointed Pinterest Police. Oh, you want me to believe that’s “Einstein and his therapist“? No, it is Einstein and Cord Meyer, Jr. in a photo from Life Magazine. Or I guess after being shut up in prison and becoming so ill with meningitis that spinal fluid leaked out his ears Oscar Wilde could have said, “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone, and not be defined by another person,” but it’s a lot easier to believe that Olivia Wilde was the actual source of that quote. And for the record, Eisenhower did not sign civil rights legislation with Martin Luther King, Jr. looking over his shoulder, but Lyndon Johnson sure did. LAZY PINNERS BEWARE.



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  • i love your righteous Pindignation! it is so very righteous.

  • I bought my last 2 volvos off of auto trader dot com. you can specifiy almost any search criteria, including price range, seller’s distance from you, make and model, etc. etc. etc. They include listings for private individuals as well as small dealers.

    2 years ago I got a steal on a 2004 V70 for almost 2 grand below what you’re willing to spend. It looks and drives like new.

    buying from a car lot means an almost certain several grand markup over what they paid for it, and you usually wind up with no warranty anyway (except a lemon law?).

    If you want to try it, you can always take the potential car around to your mechanic for a quick check and 2nd opinion before you fork over actual cash.

  • Thank God there’s someone out there policing sources.

  • Jenny managed to decimate the “Be Kind For Everyone is Fighting a Hard Battle” which Plato definitely did not say. But good grief that attribution to Oscar Wilde. Oy vey. So please keep up the good work.

    Are you telling us we should be careful not to praise you or give you too much adulation?

    When I totaled my Volvo I couldn’t get another one so I went insane and got a minivan. But I named it Jimi Hendrix so it would be cool. I got a mechanic to buy it for me but I think he just used auto trader so why mess with the middleman. Volvos are the best though.

  • I love the story! A friend and I were just at happy hour, reflecting on how we wish we could go back and tell our prudish teenage selves that it’s OK to slut it up a little.

  • I, too, like to Enforce. Robbie calls me The Enforcer because I am always trying to tell people to follow the rules. (“That woman was supposed to come to a full stop there!” “It’s a crosswalk!” “He can’t bring a grill into this park!” “Dude just chucked some garbage out his window. We need to pick it up, follow him home, and ask him to dispose of it properly.”)

    That said, I probably have a few unattributed Pins. Sorry.

  • I think this is my favorite drawing of yours I’ve seen. And I absolutely love the story.

    Recently I’m enjoying telling people on Pinterest why their nifty craft ideas won’t work. We should join forces like some Great Spinster Aunt Buzzkill team.

  • So noted on the topic of Pinterest. Ever notice I rarely Pin quotes and such?
    You may slap my wrist at any time.

  • You might try asking your mechanic if they know anyone who is trying to sell their car. My dad is one and he always knows of about 8 people trying to sell their car.

  • Whoa, I’m watching out for those Spinster Aunt Buzzkill agents.

  • Ha! I have been thinking of appointing myself the enforcer for the “no dropping off kids in the teachers parking lot at school”. I am not a teacher but it is a RULE and I find it super annoying that these other parents are too lazy or late to drop off their children in the correct parking lot and are endangering the other children who happen to be using the cross walk that goes through said parking lot.

    Also Volvos rule! I am on my second station wagon and love, love, love it.

  • Hi Eden,
    I’m not to familiar with blogs, don’t really follow them, and I was really hoping to send you a private message here, but I don’t seem to know how to do that, so I’m commenting it here. Love the fat lady talking about sex! there, now its legitimate :-)
    Actually, I stumbled across your whimsical blog while researching down sofas ( I know, I don’t know how either, but here I am!) and so far everything I have read has made me smile, so I figure your outlook on life is something that is worth adding to my world. I look forward to reading more and catching up. Are you still in Santa Barbara? My home town, small world!! Also, is there a link to private messages that would be more appropriate?
    Anyway, I’d love to chat all day, but I do need to find my down sofa~thanks for the distraction, though :-) take care. Glorious day in Santa Barbara today!!!