On March 21, 2013 by Eden M. Kennedy

I have been in a horrendous mood! So that’s been hilariously fun!

I’m also 1,000 years behind on drawings, so let’s take a look at my terrible output for March. Four drawings. FOUR. Jesus.

old bay raven

This is obviously a personal joke for someone, because they specifically asked for a drawing with a raven and a box of Old Bay seasoning in it, two things that would rarely meet otherwise. I went online to look at reviews of Old Bay seasoning on Amazon, and that’s where I discovered that at least one person in the world believes that “it adds zing” to whatever you sprinkle it in. Zing! I’m not the sort of person who uses the word zing, so I appreciate it when someone uses it sincerely and without sarcasm. As a matter of fact, I’m going to look for a way to use zing in a sentence today, on the off chance that doing so will cheer me the fuck up.

animal models

Okay, this one is cheering me up, I’d forgotten I’d done this. The person asked for animals wearing clothes or accessories, including a squirrel. So I did the squirrel, and then I did the pigeon head where accidentally it looked like it was looking over its shoulder in some sort of fashion pose, and BANG, all of a sudden I knew I was looking at a page from The Animal Models Catalog. I wish I’d made the otter more expressive somehow, but I need more otter practice to coax that chillwave vibe out of whiskers and wet fur.


I’d been looking forward to this one, but when I started penciling it out I realized that it was somewhat of a nightmare. Normally I love repeating patterns, but the detail in copying this picture turned out to be overwhelming. I hope the person who receives it isn’t too disappointed. I think it still has some good qualities, but an accurate representation of the Budapest Parliament it is not.


Fortunately, a somewhat-accurate rendering of the old firehouse in Montecito was just the thing to help me get a little of my drawing confidence back.

Does anyone else feel like blogging’s just about dead? Maybe it’s just me.



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  • I love the raven and Old Bay – and of course they go together. Baltimore! Home of Poe. And crabs. See?

  • Your last sentence… I feel like that’s something I’ve been waiting to hear but also something I’ve dreaded hearing. Either way, I’m glad you said it.

  • I prefer to think of blogging as “more leisurely” rather than “just about dead.” As long as certain people *ahem, points* keep posting, I’ll keep reading.

  • I think these are my favorites of a your drawings. The animals are perfect.

  • I am stomping my foot and emphatically stating that blogging is NOT dead until all the readers out there are dead.

    I still enjoy reading favorite writers and can’t imagine life without them. It’s true that some blogs I used to enjoy have become too commercialized, with their sponsored posts. The fact that some blogs use contrivances like posting a daily song instead of writing something meaningful reflects poorly on them, not on the “state of the blog” as a whole.

  • The rabbit wearing the bra made me laugh out loud. Oh, how I wish I had your talent!

    • also, does that rabbit look like she hates being objectified? or am i suffering a little feminist hysteria?

      • It’s not just you. That rabbit is either terrified or hella pissed.

        “Blogging” may be dead. These days I’m preferring to think of it as just talking online. No expectations, no end game. It’s like 20% working.

  • I do think blogging is dead. Although I really enjoy seeing you and a few others pop up in my news feed with new posts.

    As for the horrid mood, have you had your hormones checked? Because I think we’re the same age and about a year ago I realized that I pretty much wanted to kill everyone….and then I got “balanced”. Turns out I’m not actually homicidal at all, for which my husband and child are grateful.

  • i feel like blogging is just about dead when i am obliged to write a post, but then when i read fussy or dooce or some killer food site, i think blogging is alive and well and dear god don’t ever let it die. all depends on your perspective, i guess.

  • I agree with Jan and Zan. As long as there are readers, blogging is not dead.
    I also had a horrible day and was in a bad mood…but when I opened my reader and saw that you had posted, I said YAY! and clapped my hands like a 5 year old. So, you made me happy. Hope that helps!

  • The animal models are mine! And I have been meaning to write to you, telling you how much I enjoy them (they are prominently displayed on the bulletin board beside my desk at work, where I can gaze upon them all day), but I am a bad person who can indefinitely postpone dumb things that require no postponement, such as writing gushing thank you emails to strangers — and you definitely do not need to improve upon your otters; the otter is my favoritest one of all! And I love how the bunny has that despairing, heroin-waif look of 90s fashion magazines. I love my animals! Thank you!!! (As for blogging…not entirely? There are still a bunch of people who write and post things that delight me. But also, there are a bunch of people who used to do that, and have now become more-or-less electronic commercials with no actual content, and whenever I think about it I get a little sad. But I’m just a bystander, because I kind of let my little electronic corner of whatever die well over a year ago — though I can’t quite bring myself to delete the whole thing, so it just sits there, festering — so I probably don’t see the whole picture as clearly as some of you.)

  • I don’t want to admit it, but I feel like maybe blogs are dying. But what are we left with if it is dying? I feel kind of ew when I feel like it’s become an industry. I just want to read, I don’t want to participate in someone’s shameless self marketing. I don’t like the character limit on Twitter and The Book of Face is my secret gross addiction that I tell myself I can quit any time. So what is left, or, rather, next?

  • I rely too much on my blogs. And I haven’t figured out how to comment on tumblr yet, so for me: blogging is still my survival kit.

    I love your first drawing.

    (also, come hang out on FB. Mini posts there are fun, and more intimate)

  • Noooo, let’s not let it die. I really hate Tumblr, and the other social medias are no replacement for blogging. I determinedly (stubbornly, furiously, self-righteously) still read many many blogs every day and write in mine from time to time. I don’t want blogging to go the way of bookstores and soda shops.

  • I love reading your posts. Other bloggers I’ve followed for years seem to be morphing their blogs into new things, or the same thing done differently. (Sponsored posts that you don’t know are actually commercials until you get to the end? Argh! Elaborate projects moving me toward self-actualization? Yikes!) But I love your quiet observances of daily life because I relate to them so well. You speak right to me when you write. Not sure that’s enough for you, but it’s certainly works out very well for me.

  • I thought it was just me, thinking *my* blog was dead. I’ve started to turn it into something else now. I don’t seem to have much to say about myself anymore, so now I’m gonna start writing fiction on it. Let’s see how that goes.

    I agree with Norm. That raven and Old Bay seasoning thing has something to do with Baltimore. First thing I thought of, looking at it.

  • Yes, blogging is dead. But it is no coincidence that zombie movies/tv/novels/cosplay have never been more popular! Blogging is UNDEAD. LONG LIVE UNDEAD BLOGS!

  • I read somewhere that, while blogging may not be dead, obsessive blog-following is. That sounded pretty accurate to me. Of course, I read that on Twitter so there’s that.

  • I want to read what you write, so call it whatever you want. If blogging is dead, then find something else to call it, because i really like whatever this is.
    And that animal model drawing is genius. The works needs more of it, so put it out there!

  • i’d miss your blog.
    i learn things here: i my annual earnings are a squirrel hair over the price of a kelly bag.

  • I’m a traditionalist and hope that blogging may continue evermore. Reading other writers with other perspectives in an informal way is still refreshing to me. And I have absolutely no interest in the soundbite world of Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook. Blogging is a place for longer posts with actual content (whatever form or length that may take for the blogger).

    Now, whether you actually meant that you may be finished with blogging…can’t comment there. Love your blog, though you don’t seem to have the same ‘zing’ for it as you once did.

  • Pizzazz.

    We were cleaning out the archives of a retired hoarder and cracked open a sales manual. It said you have to have Pizzazz. He and it were mid century relics. I wish we had kept the manual.

  • I do not have a blog, but I’ve been reading and following many for about a decade. I am still very interested in reading blogs. I have noticed that most of my favorite bloggers don’t post very often or at all anymore. Why do you think that’s happening? Why do you think blogging is dying? I am very interested in hearing your response.

  • Blogging has been dying for the last 2 years and is now officially on its deathbed. People forget that blogs killed Usenet, which I was a HUGE fan of and participated in daily and nearly DIED when it fizzled out. (nice sentence structure, Suzy) What goes up must come crashing down, especially if it’s on the internet.

  • I don’t think blogging is dead but I do think that with the proliferation of micro writing platforms like Twitter and Tumblr there is a perception out there that anyone can crank out great writing, or “content.” So not true, of course! I love Twitter and Tumblr but those platforms will never replace great writing (with actual sentences and punctuation) at least not for me.

  • Hi Eden! I got here through a link from another blog…. Trying to track down a Brian from Thursdays with Brian, via Facebook, email whatever. Old friend… Keep checking his blog and see he’s completely stopped posting. Any knowledge?