Cats playing it straight

On May 12, 2013 by Eden M. Kennedy

This week’s challenge was to draw a cat wearing a wig that looked even half as good as a cat wearing a wig.


And what if it’s a male cat. What then?


What if it’s deaf?


Yes, it’s all good fun when you’re only using Photoshop and can command-Z away all of your criminal instincts. When your weapons are colored pencils, however, you end up with I don’t even know what this is.


Some things are best left untinted:




2 Responses to “Cats playing it straight”

  • Ha! I miss Devine. Or, more accurately, Devine in John Water’s movies. Although, Lust in the Dust wasn’t a John Waters movie and that was the last movie I saw Devine in (last year some time). I should dig a few of them out and have a mini marathon.

  • You’re still here! (Sorry that’s so random, but I’m going through my links and decided to pop by and say HI! – you know like a drunk dialing psycho ex-stalker would do)