12 Years Ago Today

On June 28, 2013 by Eden M. Kennedy

Twelve years ago this morning I woke up, tried to roll over, and burst into tears. I had gained 45 pounds and could not fathom how I’d make it through another day of pregnancy. Fortunately, by 11:20 p.m. that night I had one of these:

(It actually took two months for him to look like this.
When he first came out he looked a lot angrier.)

This morning Jackson woke up and asked for Cheetos and a Mexican Coke for breakfast, and reader, I sang Happy Birthday To You and gave it to him. It was a lot easier than to try to start lactating again.

Today he looks more like this:


I did not draw this, a tired caricature artist at Legoland did it for $15.

Jack, watching Jackson getting dressed for day camp in a black t-shirt: “A black t-shirt? Seriously? It’s going to be 90 degrees out there today.”

Jackson: “I like this t-shirt.”

Jack: “Good, then you’re going to die wearing it.”

Jackson: *puts on long pants, knee-high socks, and high-top Converse*

Jack: “You can’t be serious.”

Jackson: *puts on wool beanie*

Jack (to me): “Are you going to weigh in on this?”

Me: “I think he looks cute.”

Jackson: “Thanks, Mom.”

Me: “You’re welcome.”

Jack (taking off white t-shirt, going to closet): “Fine.”

Me: “Peewee, you need to take off your coat, it’s going to be 90 degrees out there today.”

Peewee: *wags because he heard his name*

Jack (comes back from closet wearing black t-shirt): “Then I, too, shall wear a black t-shirt.”

Me: “You look cute, too.”

Jack: “I’ve waited all week to hear you to say that.”

Me: “Does this mean we’re going to have sex today?”




11 Responses to “12 Years Ago Today”

  • i remember 12 as being the most awkward year of my life. your 12 yr old sounds much cooler, despite the wardrobe.

    • For me the beginning of 12 was great because I was still in 6th grade. Then the end of 12 happened in junior high and suddenly I was a lot less blindly sure of myself.

  • I am currently almost exactly where you were 12 years ago. Except that maybe instead of having a baby today, I’ll probably just eat more chocolate. Because the universe hates me. Mwaaaaaaah.

  • Too funny! I have a son similar to yours, only my son likes to wear shorts in the winter time. Winter coat, winter boots and shorts (really!).

  • My husband was reading this over my shoulder, and he got overly excited when he read the bit about getting to have sex when your son is away at camp. Our son has camp next month. No pressure, then…

  • Oh god – I don’t we’ve been able to get Jem to leave the house in anything but long cargo pants and a hoodie since 6th grade. And yeah, it was ninety eight million degrees in Palo Alto yesterday. But of course, in the winter, he’ll go out and play in the snow in t-shirt and crocs. We’re sending him to Antarctica as soon as he’s legally old enough to make a living shoveling the stuff.

  • I wish I could have Mexi-Coke for breakfast! Wait, I can, and I shall! Thanks for the suggestion, Jackson!!!! But I shall have chips & mango salsa with mine. You know, to make it healthy!

  • Thank you for the much needed laugh this morning! And what a way cute baby pic.
    My 10 year old also likes to wear pants & hoodies in the summer and shorts and t-shirts in the winter. A lot of his friends do too, so I guess it’s the thing to do?

  • Oh, wow: Twelve! Happy birthday to him. :)

    And yes, my experience with twelve was like yours: I turned twelve the last month of sixth grade at my little elementary school I’d been in since kindergarten, spent the big scary Summer Before Junior High having some kind of pre-teen existential crisis, and then the rest of twelve, and thirteen, were rough. Things felt better again by ninth grade, but the junior high years (or “JUNIOR! HIGH!! YEARS!” [in booming echoing voice]) were rough. It sounds like Jackson is much more confident and has a much better idea of who he is than I was/had at the same age, though, so methinks he’ll fare better. :)

    ‘Hope you all enjoy his camp week. :)

  • And a fine strapping young man! I remember your birth story! Well, I guess the fairly concise but gripping story of Jackson’s impromptu arrival into the world. That’s how far we go back, say I, the woman you don’t actually know who’s been reading your blog since forever.

    A fine, strapping young man he’s turned into.

    I remember my brother at 12 was still kind of cuddly and needed me–not as much as when he was littler of course–and I went a little crazy that year fawning over him because I knew it was sort of cuddly time’s ending and he’d always been such a teddy bear. He’s still adorable–that never changes. Anyway, 12 in boys is a sweet age.