That’s better

On November 3, 2013 by Eden M. Kennedy

Here’s the re-do of yesterday’s terrible lettering. The lettering is still awkward, but it doesn’t have much of a choice given what I’m forcing it to work around. It’s purposively awkward, a word I just made up to mean having purpose. I could be making up a word that actually exists with a slightly different arrangement of letters (purportedly? probiotically?) but my brain thinks it’s being funny and hiding things from me now. Welcome to middle age.


This makes me want to illustrate all the yoga sutras. If I start now, I’ll only be 150 years old when I’m done, but I’ll have achieved the twin purposes of attaining enlightenment and giving my husband a series of rage aneurysms because I should be rewriting my novel instead of trying to draw skinny people doing preposterous things.

I took that real age test today and it said I was ten years younger than I am, so if I can keep going at this rate, when I’m 150 I’ll only look 140.


Thanks to Gregor Maehle for his modeling and sutra-explicating skills.



3 Responses to “That’s better”

  • So, y’know, I do a little yoga, and I’m *sure* that picture is upside down. Or taken in space. Or in another dimension. There are parts of my body I didn’t even know I had that are hurting just thinking about how to hold that pose.

    • First of all, David, I’m pretty sure you have the upper body strength to do that, though I can’t speak to your level if hip flexibility. But secondly, even people who move into advanced postures with ease will tell you that it doesn’t mean they’re better at yoga than you. Your practice could be far more spiritually evolved than this guy’s. Advanced postures are impressive, but they don’t make you an advanced person. In case that needed saying.

      • Bwahaha, ain’t that true, Eden! I’ve got all the flexibility of a 20 year old gymnast, but also, monkey brain galore. In the end, the advanced postures are just a neat party trick (the kind of party where the floors are somehow meticulously clean). Chilling out in savasana is my biggest challenge.