Day Six!

The winner of last week’s raffle is: Kelly! An e-mail to you...

06th Nov
santa ynez

Day Five!

I call this one “Patriotic Lifestyles.”

05th Nov
Day Five!

Day Four!

Good Lord, how am I supposed to post when I’m traveling without...

04th Nov
Day Four!

Day Three!

I’m going to run out of those exclamation points very soon! Because...

03rd Nov
Day Three!

Day Two!

Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. Fifteen years ago today it was...

02nd Nov

Day One!

Well, here we are again, Day One of National Blog Posting Month....

01st Nov
calligraphy case 1

An Idea, an Announcement, and a Raffle!

First of all, every time I get into my car I have...

30th Oct

My (Most Recent) Liz Lemon Moment

People often bring donations into the library. I’m used to just saying...

24th Oct
My (Most Recent) Liz Lemon Moment

and it’s also true that I lost the map

First of all, if you’re actually visiting and not reading this...

05th Oct
carnegie deli


If you’re new here, one of the first things you need to...

01st Oct

It’s a constant series of negotiations

My husband is kind, generous, flexible, hard-working, honest, deeply loyal, and a...

15th Sep

Going Solo

Things I love about practicing yoga at home: I don’t have to...

07th Sep
Going Solo