I am reading a Martha Beck book. I didn’t know who she...

16th Apr

I’m tricky like that

This post is sponsored by Chronicle Books. I like books, and people...

10th Apr
Worst Case Scenarios

I invite you to go elsewhere

I have two posts up in other places this week, both of...

23rd Mar
I invite you to go elsewhere

I love being part of the problem

I’ve lived in California for more than 20 years now and yesterday...

14th Mar

The Chair

Yesterday, I got my teeth cleaned. It was a last-minute appointment so...

08th Mar
The Chair


We are here in our new house and I have a stress...

03rd Mar


Posting will be light this week, as we’ll taking all of this...

22nd Feb

So much fun

The action-figure commentary on Downton Abbey will be over soon, I promise....

17th Feb
So much fun


In March of 1995 I was sitting at the bar of Jimmy’s...

15th Feb

All I did was ask him to tuck in his shirt

Yesterday we looked at a couple of rentals near one of the...

13th Feb
All I did was ask him to tuck in his shirt

We’re having some fun

I appreciate the fact that no one’s called me out for not...

10th Feb
Nurse Peewee


On the way down to Oxnard to pick up Jackson from a...

06th Feb