I can see!

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my eyes checked. (Life...

03rd Feb

What is this?

Jack says it’s a “potato bug.” I almost stepped on this little...

30th Jan

Peace out

Videos of people waiting and trying to be still because they think...

27th Jan
Peace out

This is why I cannot shop online

A couple of weeks ago I pulled my old wool royal blue...

26th Jan

Growth is painful

Yeah, I cut my hair again. (Did you really think I wouldn’t?)...

24th Jan

Monday linkage

Remember the videos I went to New York to shoot last month?...

23rd Jan
Monday linkage

It’s OK, I can take it

I know you’ve been concerned about my inability to answer the world’s...

20th Jan
It’s OK, I can take it


I was looking around inside a 7-11 store today while Jackson was...

18th Jan


In honor of Martin Luther King Day (or, if you depend on...

16th Jan

Wrap it up

Here’s the other stuff I was doing this week when I wasn’t...

13th Jan

Fun with retail

Yesterday, I returned my birthday cake. This was not at all Jack’s...

12th Jan
Fun with retail

In conclusion

Unfortunately, it looks like a meteorite did not hit our house. As...

11th Jan
In conclusion