Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic In 2017-2018

Every parent dreads the day when their little bundle of joy will turn into a siren without any obvious cause. You check the diaper and it’s all clear. You try to feed them and they won’t eat. You try to walk, you try to talk, you try to rock; and nothing works. More often than not gas and colic pains are the cause of this distress. As the baby feeds, they swallow a lot of gas especially with bottle feeding. The gas builds up in the baby’s gut and if they are not burped immediately, colic muscles spasms cause them a lot of pain and discomfort. One of the best ways to prevent this is investing in an anti-colic bottle. Below are nine of the best bottles for gas and colic in 2017-2018.

1. Philips AVENT Natural

phillips avent natural baby bottle

The main anti-colic design feature on this baby bottle is the twin valve system. These valves are designed to prevent passage of air into the baby’s mouth through the valve. The gas is instead redirected back into the bottle.

The bottle also features a unique referred to as a comfort petal. This design is meant to prevent the nipple from collapsing and drawing in air as the baby releases and latches back on.

It is made from BPA free material and is dishwasher friendly. It also features an ergonomic design making it comfortable to handle while feeding the baby.

2. MAM Anti-colic

mam anti colic bottles

The main anti-colic feature on this bottle is the presence of special ventilation holes at the base of the bottle. Their purpose is to regulate the milk pressure within the bottle and that leaving the bottle. This makes it easy for the baby to suckle without having to use too much force and swallowing air in the process.

The nipple on the bottle has a soft skin texture that makes the babies less likely to reject it with the first few feeding sessions.

3. Playtex Ventaire

Baby Ventaire Baby Bottles from Playtex

What makes this one of the best baby bottles for gas and colic is the anti-colic bottom vent. This design specification exists to prevent the milk from mixing with air which could then be swallowed by the baby.

The bottle also features the angles neck shape. This bottle design is known to help prevent swallowing of gas and consequent colic. The angulation allows milk to fully collect within the nipple with the tilted position ensuring that any air in the bottle rises to the top away from the nipple.

4. Born Free Glass

Born Free Colic Baby Bottles

This baby bottle has a leak free flow venting system. With this design, any air within the bottle floats to the top away from the suckling end as the bottle is tilted. This ensures that the baby only swallows the milk filling the nipple.

Born Free is made from glass which ensures total safety as the milk is not contaminated by any polycarbon residues or compounds like BPA. The glass also makes these baby bottles very easy to clean.

5. Munchkin Latch

Munchkin Latch Baby Bottles for Colic and Gas

These bottles feature anti-colic valves which as with the other bottles above prevent gas from entering the bottle. The valve is located at the base of the bottle for more effective function.

This bottle also comes with soft and comfortable teats for the baby to enjoy. These are designed to be flexible allowing movement and stretching that mimics the mother’s breast. This makes it a lot easier for the baby to establish firm grip around the teat for easier feeding. These are available in three different sizes offering the parent variety as the little one grows.

6. Playtex Nurser

Playtex Nursey Baby Bottles

This bottle uses a unique anti-colic design to prevent your baby from swallowing gas and suffering pain and discomfort as a result. It uses special sterile and disposable milk liners that act as little temporary milk stores as the baby feeds. They are designed to collapse as the baby suckles and as a result prevent any air from entering and mixing with the milk in the bottle. The nipples themselves are made specially out of safe and soft silicone allowing easy transition from exclusive breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

7. Comotomo

comotomo baby bottles for colic

It features a dual anti-colic vent system. This promotes circulation within the bottle preventing collection of air.

The bottle features a silicon nipple with soft finishing meant to give it a human-like feel. This makes it perfect for babies being weaned off exclusive breastfeeding. The base of the nipple is also designed to fan out with the width increasing comfort and ensuring proper grip as the baby breastfeeds.

It is made from microwave safe material allowing easy and fast warming of milk. It is also safe to clean it using dishwashers. The wide neck ensure easy access of water, soap and brushes ensuring that the process is efficient. This I the long run ensures easy maintenance and durability.

8. Tommee Tippee

tommee tippee baby bottle for colic

Tommee Tippee baby bottles help to prevent gas and colic through their Easy-vent valve design. This prevents inflow of air that then mixes with milk and is swallowed by the baby. It also features a slow flow nipple that allows complete filling while eliminating bubbles as the baby continues to feed.

The soft natural-feeling nipple also features special grooves meant to help the baby latch onto the teat easily and comfortably. Finally, the wide neck design ensures that the baby’s entire mouth is wrapped around the teat with no avenue through which air can enter the bottle as the baby feeds.

9. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow

dr browns baby bottle

Finally we have Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow which is considered one of the best baby bottles for gas and colic in 2017-2018. It features a two piece internal vent system that allows natural flow from the bottle, into the teat and into the baby’s mouth. With this system, as milk flows down into the nipple, air floats up towards the base of the bottle. When the bottle is set upright again, milk flows down as air flows towards the top of the bottle. With this system, the two never mix thus preventing the baby from swallowing gas.

Final verdict

With their revolutionary designs, these bottles will ensure that your baby feeds properly and comfortably and does not suffer any tummy problems after. The different anti-colic designs available offer you variety and it is up to you to choose based on preferences. However, you can rest assured that each and every one of the bottles described above will be up to the task sparing your child unnecessary pain and discomfort.