The 6 Best Baby Monitors for New Parents in 2017-2018

When buying a baby monitor you come across different brand names with different functionalities and features. This whole bunch of options makes it overwhelming for the parents to select the right baby monitor for their child. The best way to start evaluating the baby monitors is to understand where and how you want to use the baby monitor. One another thing to remember is how far you are likely to go when the baby is sleeping. Of course, the budget will play a major role in buying the best baby monitor for 2017 as well.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have noted down the best monitors we could find so that you can choose from the pick of the litter:

1. Summer Infant Babble Band

Summer infant babble band

This unit is top on our list for 2017. It is a digital audio baby monitor that helps parents avoid watch-style receiver, wearable. While it is lightweight, there is no compromise with the quality of the sound band. Charge the monitor for five to six hours, and you are all set for a long time. For the band, you will have three options- mute/light, vibration, and audio can provide range up to 240 meters; this range reduces when you are inside. The battery life lasts up to 8 hours once it is fully charged. This proves to be easy for you to move from one room to another without having to carry parent unity everywhere with you.

2. Philips AventUGrow Smart Baby Monitor

Phllips avent baby monitor

This a digital video monitor that transfers pictures from its highly searching base video camera to your tablet or smartphone, so you will require having a sound wi-fi to make sure that it works efficiently. The device gives you a notification when you lose the connectivity. The device is considered to be highly encrypted, making sure the privacy of your mobile network or wi-fi. The function of this baby unit includes receiving notifications, HD snapshots when the baby is crying when the room gets too cold or hot when the level of humidity is high. You can communicate with the child remotely, play lullabies, choose the lights of the color, and switch on the timed night light. It allows you to invite devices to access video streaming. The quality of the video is quite impressive in daylight as well as darkness. However, you cannot tilt or pan the lens which is concerning since it is a costly device. The camera unit, on the other hand, was impressive manual viewing range and supplies wall mount.

3. TommeeTippee Closer to Nature Digital Sound and Movement Monitor

Tommee Tippee Baby Monitor

The movement sensor pad works only when in a crib or cot with a leveled surface. So if you have a Moses basket then this product is certainly not for you. It provides a clear range of 300m, that reduces to 50m indoor.

The sound is quite clear and crisp, however, it fails to recognize sneezing sometimes. The built is simple and clear, however, the rechargeable battery cover tends to get a little fiddly to change on the parent unit and the sensor pad’s cable is comparatively short and some cots that need to modify in order to accommodate. There
is also an option to communicate with the baby and an option to switch on the nightlight. The ticking feature will make sure that the sensor is working during calm situations even though you want to go for the less distracting flashing light.

4. BT baby monitor 350 Lightshow

bt baby monitor

BT baby monitor 350 Lightshow is easy to install and use the audio monitor. It offers a clear range of 300m outdoor which reduces to 50 m when you are inside. The quality of digital sound is quite clear and crisp along with the option of a light on the parent’s unit that notifies communication between both the devices and also the device gives an audio warning when the battery is running low. The parent’s unit is a little confusing; however, it is portable once charged. It comes with a range of function that includes, room temperature monitor, starry night light show, adjustable night light, feed timer, talkback function, etc. which justifies the price tag.

5. Summer Infant Baby Glow Video Monitor

summer infant baby glow

Summer Infant Baby Glow Video Monitor guarantees your security device with 100% digital security through encrypted digital technology. It is easy to use and required to charge for about five hours on a portable parent unit. The device setup is quite easy, and you wouldn’t need to check with an instructional manual. The features of this monitor  include changing colors stray sky projection, an array of lullabies and soothing sounds, two-way communication, light-weighted, EU plug adaptors. All these make it an efficient choice to carry when you are traveling. It offers a clear range of 200m which reduces when inside.

The packaging also offers fixture that helps you in installing the camera on the wall if you wish to do so.

6. Babymoov Digital Green Baby Monitor Expert Care

Baby moov baby monitor

If “electrosmoq” is something that you are concerned about, then this unit could be the right thing for you. The device uses “Digital Green” technology which claims to release fewer waves as compared to the similar baby monitors. Instead of streaming noises continuously, the parent unit vibrates and plays a sound only when it is encouraged by the baby’s unit. Using visual light option you can also switch the device to mute. Both the units of the monitor are featuring the option of running with batteries if you need to move around. Plus the baby unit comes with night light feature as well. The baby monitor also comes with a notable range of 1,000 clear which reduces when you are indoors.

So, these were some of the best monitors for parents and children for the 2017 and 2018 season. Depending on your budget and requirement you can select the right monitor for your baby and ensure maximum safety for your child.