Some parents believe that toddlers are not of the right age yet to use or own a tablet of any kind. However, it’s good to appreciate the fact toddlers are growing up in a world where the use of smartphones and tablets is the norm. Tablets also serve an educational purpose. What is more, tablets occupy less space but provide all the entertainment the toddlers need. The kind of tablet you end up buying for your toddlers will depend on their age. For this reason, consider the ages of the toddlers among other factors.

Below is a review of the best tablet for toddlers you should consider buying.


As you will learn, iPads are some of the most expensive tablets you can ever buy for your toddlers. Despite its cost, what it gives you is greater control over the content displayed. The only thing your toddlers will see is what you show them. The iPad allows parents to curate as many apps and games as they want for their young ones. What is more, it enables you to install the streaming services you consider the most appropriate for the toddlers. Parental controls for restricting access to YouTube and other video sites are also in plenty. Below you will see several pros and cons of using iPad as the tablet of choice for your kids.


• Easier to organize apps and games on the iPad so toddlers can find them quickly
• Parents can easily tell the content that has just been downloaded or installed on the iPad
• Most apps do not need Internet connection to use
• Offers more parental control over what toddlers view on the tablet


• Costly repairs and warranty plans
• Costs money to buy bundles for installing and downloading ebooks, games, and apps
• iPads are expensive (the cheapest costs $399)
• Heavy tablets
• Fragile glass


Amazon Fire 7

This tablet is an improvement of a previous one – the 2015 Fire Tablet. Its biggest drawbacks include the fact that the processors and cameras are yet to experience any sort of upgrade. It is one of the cheapest tablets around; hence, the ideal choice for parents who have less purchasing power but need something good for their toddlers. It gives toddlers access to music and videos. They can even use Alexa without any hitch.

However, it lacks some of the most critical components of Google, which many may be accustomed to.
Below is the list of the tablet’s pros and cons.


• The best cheapest tablet for toddlers in the market today
• Available with USB cable and mains charger
• Upgradeable internal storage
• Available in various colors
• Comes with a 2-year guarantee
• Has a protective bumper case
• One year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited
• Slightly taller and slimmer
• Easy to use FireOS software


• Absence of Google apps
• Lacks Google Play Store
• Processor and cameras not yet upgraded


Amazon Fire HD 8 2017

The tablet is also one of the most affordable in the market. It is well built and designed. It allows users to playback videos to exceptionally good standards. However, you will need to open an Amazon Prime membership account to enjoy the tablet fully. That level of membership allows your kids to enjoy all of the tablet’s amazing features. Nevertheless, users can still enjoy a subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited for one year. Below are a few pros and cons of the tablet.


• More affordable
• Available in 32GB of storage
• Colorful bumper case
• Two-year warranty
• Subscription for one year to Fire for Kids Unlimited
• 8-inch screen
• Available in multiple colors
• Strong and durable
• Good battery life
• Great Amazon Prime integration


• Screen quality needs further improvement
• Ad-filled interface


Kurio Tab Advance

Kurio Tab Advance is one of the most popular budget tablets for toddlers. Its makers gave the tablet all the attention while designing its software. Parents have a higher level of control through the tablet’s dedicated interface. The tablet is easy to use. The hardware can be a bit of a problem, but that should not dissuade you from buying it for your young kids. The tablet is a good alternative for users who wish to try something not related to Amazon.

Below are some of the pros and cons of owning or using this tablet.


• Good content for toddlers
• More parental control
• Small and sturdy form factor
• Neat motion apps


• Short battery life
• Poor cameras


LeapPad Ultra XDi

The makers of LeapPad Ultra XDi made it specifically for toddlers. It has a lot of similarities with LeapPad 3 in terms of specs and functionality. It has a 7-inch screen, which is bigger than LeapPad 3’s 5-inch screen. Its software is the result of collaboration between educationists with PhDs who designed it with the goal of offering toddlers a tablet they can use as a learning tool and for fun too. The biggest drawback, which ironically is its main strength, is the kids’ interface.
Below are the tablet’s pros and cons.


• Has Wi-Fi connectivity
• Offers access to music and games
• Offers easy access to educational materials and books
• Its large screen guarantees outstanding functionality
• Its firm and rigid structure protects the tablet from breaking in case toddlers drop it
• Has a one-year warranty
• 8GB internal memory
• Unmatched parental control
• Front and back camera


• Designed for kids in the 4-9 years bracket so lacks effectiveness of other tablets
• Internal memory has a non-expandable storage
• A bit heavy for toddlers



As seen here, parents have access to a wide variety of the best tablets for toddlers. The choice ultimately depends on a number of factors. For example, it depends on parents’ budgetary constraints, or lack thereof. The choice also depends on the size of the screen and general functionality. It is hard for parents to choose the tablet while ignoring other aspects such as the educational and entertainment value their kids derive from the gadget. With this information though, parents should be able to choose the best tablet for toddlers well.

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