Day Twenty-six

I took Yoda’s advice and went to see the new Twilight today...

26th Nov
sunset 11/26

Day Twenty-five

I’m still a little bloated and hung over from Thanksgiving, and a...

25th Nov
Day Twenty-five

Day Twenty-four

Happy Thanksgiving, people in the United States! Not much of a post...

24th Nov
Day Twenty-four

Day Twenty-three

Yoda lives on a bookshelf these days, dispensing his wisdom as needed....

23rd Nov
Day Twenty-three

Day Twenty-two

We went down to the Toys R Us in Oxnard after school...

22nd Nov
Day Twenty-two

Day Twenty-one

And now it’s time for NaBloShoeMo: Boots Edition. This fine collection of...

21st Nov

Day Twenty

I have a little bit of a thing for the hydrangeas in...

20th Nov

Day Nineteen

I was at work today looking around for books to add to...

19th Nov

Day Eighteen

Peewee is unsure of his role in the partnership between Babble and...

18th Nov
peewee ears

Day Seventeen

I’m really falling down on my promise to do some ShoeMo/wardrobe remixing...

17th Nov

Day Sixteen

Jack invented these a few weeks back, and with Thanksgiving rolling up...

16th Nov

Day Fifteen

Draw a squirrel choking a chipmunk. Why does the chipmunk look like...

15th Nov
chuck norris squirrel