Day Eighteen

Peewee is unsure of his role in the partnership between Babble and...

18th Nov
peewee ears

Day Seventeen

I’m really falling down on my promise to do some ShoeMo/wardrobe remixing...

17th Nov

Day Sixteen

Jack invented these a few weeks back, and with Thanksgiving rolling up...

16th Nov

Day Fourteen

The second day of Camp Mighty I looked into the skill sessions....

14th Nov

Day Thirteen

Today was a travel day, completely. Great weekend. More tomorrow.

13th Nov
Day Thirteen

Day Twelve

Today at Camp Mighty we had our team lunches, where the group...

12th Nov
breakfast, actually

Day Eleven!

Camp Mighty! Here we see the tent in which speakers spoke to...

11th Nov

Day Nine!

09th Nov

Day What?

This week is just hellishly busy so I am failing at he...

07th Nov
Day What?

Day Six!

The winner of last week’s raffle is: Kelly! An e-mail to you...

06th Nov
santa ynez

Day Five!

I call this one “Patriotic Lifestyles.”

05th Nov
Day Five!

Day One!

Well, here we are again, Day One of National Blog Posting Month....

01st Nov
calligraphy case 1