I want to work at Dreamworks when I grow up

Friday I let Jackson take a day off of school so we...

14th May

Things Fall Apart

You’ve been waiting a long time to Internet-diagnose my latest disease or...

10th May
Susan's flowers

Word to Your Mother

If memory serves, and it doesn’t always, but we can talk about...

06th May
Peewee likes Zabar's, too

Bike Swapping

First of all, congratulations to Autumnalyssa, who won the random drawing for...

04th May

Mother’s Day Is Nearly Upon Us

I like nothing more than a good holiday where I feel completely...

02nd May
my new bike

Tour Diary: All the Rest of Everything

More images from the Let’s Panic Some-of-the-World Tour ’11. The above photo...

23rd Apr
Bijou Cafe, Portland

Tour Diary: San Francisco

San Francisco, you were on your best behavior for us. Your sky...

12th Apr
meet-up after the reading

Tour Diary, Seattle

Things I learned about Seattle in the 21 hours I got to...

07th Apr
Space Needle

Tour Diary, Portland

Portland, you have some mystical-looking trees amongst you.

06th Apr

To Minneapolis and Beyond!

If you’re in Santa Barbara tonight and you want to come over...

17th Mar
To Minneapolis and Beyond!

Lunch with an old friend

Note: If you are someone who has ever appeared to be the...

10th Mar
Columbus Circle


Yesterday was the publication day for “Let’s Panic About Babies!” and I...

02nd Mar