I happily, happily spent the day with designed pages spread out all...

19th Nov
Peewee and pages

Pumpkin Bowling!

14th Nov
Pumpkin Bowling!

And on the twelfth day

I spent today’s writing-time allocation doing an update for Let’s Panic and...

12th Nov

Veterans Day

I don’t know what to make of holidays that can’t seem to...

11th Nov
dad in uniform

Almost-wordless Wednesday (1)

From the same photo album as the others: On the back it...

10th Nov

Mostly Wordless Weekend 1b

I don’t know who took this photograph I found in an old...

07th Nov

Mostly Wordless Weekend 1a

My mom was  so lovable I have to avert my eyes from...

06th Nov
Cab ride Times Square


Halloween this year was unexpectedly awesome. Jackson has officially transitioned from cute...

02nd Nov

Mr. Freeze

I no longer remember why Jackson asked me to draw a picture...

01st Nov

After the Haircut

Jackson got his hair cut in a barber shop where the pampering...

30th Aug
after the haircut

Before the Haircut

20th Aug
before the haircut

Bliss, I say

I was in New York City last weekend for a couple of...

15th Aug
Chelsea Stairs Down From 10th Floor