One of the biggest purchases you will make for a home is your washing machine.  Not only is it expensive, but it will either make your weekly chores that much easier, or make them a much bigger pain (especially over time)…  Picking the right machine can save you time, money, and lots of frustration over the years.

I know one of the worst things EVER is when you just can’t get your clothes to dry…  It’s seems like you are waiting for hours and hours and it just won’t dry!  God, it’s the worst.  So when we were looking for a new washing maching/dryer combo, I knew that my biggest concern was going to be the capacity of the dryer and it’s drying power.

But everyone has their own issues that they are concerned about, so we’ve put together a list of the factors you should take into consideration when picking a new washer dryer.  Enjoy!


Capacity is the biggest driver of price in these units, so while it may be tempting to just go with the highest capacity dryer (I know it is for me), you should consider your needs.  Not only that, but it will also impact the energy cost of the units, even though nowadays these are pretty conservative when it comes to energy usage.

Important to keep in mind as well is that you will have this wahser dryer for 5+ years (hopefully 10+), so you should plan accordingly.  If you are going to have a bunch of kids (or become empty nesters) you might want to think about that with your planning.


Another big issue to consider is how big the damn thing is. Don’t get so excited about your new toy that you order it only to realize you don’t have space in your laundry room or spare closet or whatever.  I personally have it in the basement so it’s got plenty of space, but that’s certainly not always the case.  Apartment residents have to be especially concerned.

If you have special considerations for space you should consider getting a stackable washer dryer, which allows you to use up the vertical space instead of the horizontal space.  However, if you do that, be careful how tall the thing is and where the controls are, because it won’t be friendly to short people.

Reviews and Repairs

Remember the old maytag repairman commercials? Ah, the memories.  Well that principle still holds true, you don’t want to be relying on repairmen for years to get your machine to work.  Furthermore, many models (ahem, LG, ahem), just straight up stop supporting models with replacement parts, forcing people to buy a new unit.

This is where reviews really come in handy.  There is this one I love in espanol where you can find mejor lavadoras (that means “best washing machines” in spanish, btw).  There are many sites that give solid reviews, and of course there is always the holy grail of e-commerce,  You are looking for real reviews from people that have used the machine for a long period of time (over 1 to 2 years).



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