Holiday parties are heaven-sent. They provide an opportunity for recharging batteries and going back home renewed, reinvigorated and ready for new challenges. Moms can play a crucial role by helping to plan these holidays. Planning a great holiday that everybody remembers for a long time needs a person of mettle. Moms have the mettle needed to do just that. They are resilient. They are patient. They are great planners too.
Below are the different holiday party planning tips moms should apply.

Best Dates

First, choose the right dates. Moms are great at dates. They can recall birthdays, anniversary and every other date when an important event happened. They are great at details. For this reason, they are capable of identifying dates that suit almost everybody. The most important people to consider here are the guests. The dates chosen should not collide or coincide with the busiest periods of the guests’ lives.
Obviously, the dates should fall during the holiday season.


Once the issue of dates is settled, the next one to consider would be the choice of venue. There are moments when it is better to host the party in your home. This will only work if you have invited a few people to the party. Invite the right number that fit into the house without feeling suffocated or uncomfortable. Alternatively, you may want to consider the nearest old-fashioned inns whose rustic charm remains irresistible to date.

Beautiful Invites

With the dates and venue settled, moms can now proceed to prepare and send beautiful invites. The invites should offer guests an opportunity for confirming their availability or absence on the chosen dates. Therefore, fill the invites with all the relevant details such as date, venue, day, and time. Design the invites beautifully to make them as attractive as possible. Word the invites correctly. Use civil but fun language too.
Invites help you to keep a proper headcount of everybody who is invited to the holiday party.

Festive Theme

Settle on a festive theme for the holiday party. It happens that you may be planning a holiday party but have no idea where to start. Such a situation should not worry you. Instead, start by focusing on the theme for the holiday party. Themes give the holiday parties a focus. A good theme makes planning that much easier for moms. A good theme guarantees guests the fun they need. A few themes worth considering include:
• Secret Santa
• Ugly Sweater
• Tree Trimming
• Holiday Detox Brunch
• Craft Holiday Party
• Black and White Thanksgiving
• Sushi Holiday Party
• Beer Tasting Party
• Mix and Mingle

Hot Cocoa Bar

Lastly, find ways of setting up hot cocoa bar, and everybody will love you for this. Hot cocoa bar deliver something to holiday parties that you cannot get with any other thing. They give the extra bit or touch that the holiday party needs. While setting up the hot cocoa bar, it would be a travesty on your part to forget peppermint sticks. While at it, spend time thinking about the right menu, décor, and entertainment too.
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