I pride myself on being relatively handy throughout the house.  I’ve gotten myself set up pretty sweet here, and I’ve not yet had to call on anyone else to handle my little issues around the house.  I’ve fixed doorknobs and creaky cabinets, fought off some ant invasions and even tried my hand at some leaky pipes.  However there are a few things that I freely admit are out of my league… Stuff that I’ll need to call up a professional to handle.  This is one of those things…

What’s the Lifespan of a Roof Anyway?

I’ve actually had this conversation before, but it was so long ago that it didn’t register as important in my mind.  Apparently the roof of a house or building has a pre-determined “expiration date”.  Obviously it’s a range and not an exact date, but just like your obsolete iPhone 4, or that can of mandarin oranges in your pantry, your roof will not last forever.  For most people it’s 25 years on average, with “slate” and other harder materials lasting much longer, so it’s not a big deal.  However when you buy into a new house (as I did), you might be buying into an impending expiration date that’ s much closer then you expected…

Signs That the End (of your Roof) Is Near…

Well, leaks are the first sign that the end is near for that oft quoted and philosophized “roof over your head”.  You won’t really notice unless it’s raining, or if it’s very drafty and you are struggling to keep warm even with a large heating bill that keeps rising.  I went through this (although I didn’t know it at the time) this past winter.  I kept the heat on high (I like being cozy), but at the end of February I saw my gas bill, and well, let’s just say I was broke all the way through March.

So… What Now?

That’s what I asked myself, and so it turned out I had to do some prospecting for a trustworthy contractor.  I’ve heard all types of horror stories about home contractors that rip people off, or just don’t show up or finish the job.  I really wanted to do my homework and make sure I wasn’t getting in too deep with some shady characters.  I contacted, among others, this brooklyn siding contractor, a Staten Island roofer, and used various sits like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor to narrow my search.

Thankfully I was able to land on someone that I think I trust (I won’t say who until they finish the job, then I will let you know for sure)… So far, so… Good? I mean, it’s a full roof replacement so we’ve been relegated to the first floor of the house while the job is ongoing.  Thankfully it’s not winter time now!

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