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I co-wrote a book

called Let's Panic About Babies!

with my friend Alice

whose web site is here

it's somewhat funny

and you can buy it on Amazon

and you can watch the trailer

it was made by Scott and narrated by Orson Welles

Here we go

For some reason I could not handle all the nice words the...

14th Jan

Thus be it resolved

My birthday is later this week and I’m having fun imaging that...

07th Jan


At some point before Thanksgiving, Jack asked me to run to the...

18th Dec

He was the patron saint of quality footwear

I stole the idea for this drawing from a seventh-grade boy’s school...

13th Dec

And books about war. The elderly LOVE war.

Here we have my first likeness of an actual dog. His name...

10th Dec

Problem solved!

Well, this was truly a waste of a day off, I didn’t...

06th Dec

You know who else wears Kleenex boxes on his feet? Vin Diesel.

I’m doing my drawing assignments in the order in which they were...

05th Dec

These things evolve

Well, it was a busy weekend! It was nice and rainy and...

03rd Dec

This one makes me happy

This was for someone who said I could draw “whatever strikes my...

01st Dec

And now we are done

Well, thank you for joining me this November, I’m sorry I blew...

30th Nov


The Hodgman-Bamford illustration drama continues, and I’m throwing in the towel. I...

29th Nov


I was exiled from the living room the other day because Jack...

27th Nov
california bear