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I co-wrote a book

called Let's Panic About Babies!

with my friend Alice

whose web site is here

it's somewhat funny

and you can buy it on Amazon

and you can watch the trailer

it was made by Scott and narrated by Orson Welles

I can see!

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my eyes checked. (Life...

03rd Feb

What is this?

Jack says it’s a “potato bug.” I almost stepped on this little...

30th Jan

Peace out

Videos of people waiting and trying to be still because they think...

27th Jan
Peace out

This is why I cannot shop online

A couple of weeks ago I pulled my old wool royal blue...

26th Jan

Growth is painful

Yeah, I cut my hair again. (Did you really think I wouldn’t?)...

24th Jan

Monday linkage

Remember the videos I went to New York to shoot last month?...

23rd Jan
Monday linkage

It’s OK, I can take it

I know you’ve been concerned about my inability to answer the world’s...

20th Jan
It’s OK, I can take it


I was looking around inside a 7-11 store today while Jackson was...

18th Jan


In honor of Martin Luther King Day (or, if you depend on...

16th Jan

Wrap it up

Here’s the other stuff I was doing this week when I wasn’t...

13th Jan

Fun with retail

Yesterday, I returned my birthday cake. This was not at all Jack’s...

12th Jan
Fun with retail

In conclusion

Unfortunately, it looks like a meteorite did not hit our house. As...

11th Jan
In conclusion