But I’m still not going to join a gym or stop drinking

Thus beginneth another year at Fussy.org. Updates for 2014 will be monthly,...

01st Jan
Jack's new sweater

Pernicious egomania

This morning I was going through my yoga routine, like I do...

20th Nov

That’s better

Here’s the re-do of yesterday’s terrible lettering. The lettering is still awkward,...

03rd Nov


Apparently I needed to nap most of the afternoon, after a morning...

02nd Nov

My Weird Little Trip to CVS

Recently I had the opportunity to explain to a Millenial what a...

17th Jul

One-item lists

After I made my big declaration about how Facebook is stealing our...

17th Sep
One-item lists

Look at my thighs, ye mighty, and despair

A funny image popped into my head the other day when I...

10th Sep

I demand that you care what I had for lunch!

Last week Jack and Jackson went on their annual camping trip to...

07th Aug
I demand that you care what I had for lunch!


I am reading a Martha Beck book. I didn’t know who she...

16th Apr

Going Solo

Things I love about practicing yoga at home: I don’t have to...

07th Sep
Going Solo

On the road again

Alice and I are about to take off again, leaving hearth and...

31st Mar
On the road again

Inner Space

Jackson and I were looking for some entertaining bedtime reading so we...

10th Jan
the willow bends but does not break!