March march maaaaarch

March was an exciting month. For starters, Peewee almost died. It started...

31st Mar

Cookies, Heart Attacks, Introverts, Art & Popcorn

UPDATE! Comments are closed and JanetS won the book! Well done being...

21st Feb

Thus be it resolved

My birthday is later this week and I’m having fun imaging that...

07th Jan

Rhymes with Heaven

We’re sending $2,512.50 to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund today, my...

07th Nov

Day Five, as Plain as the Nose on Your Face

(I’m not saying that your nose is plain, per se, and honestly...

05th Nov
two ears

Day Four: A Miracle

Okay, kids, for days Four and Five of this month I have...

04th Nov

Of course I’m doing NaBloPoMo

I am going down to Camp Mighty next week and in order...

01st Nov


Posting will be light this week, as we’ll taking all of this...

22nd Feb

It’s OK, I can take it

I know you’ve been concerned about my inability to answer the world’s...

20th Jan
It’s OK, I can take it

Also, it’s Friday

Good morning! I have a small but important announcement, which is that...

16th Dec
Also, it’s Friday

An Idea, an Announcement, and a Raffle!

First of all, every time I get into my car I have...

30th Oct


This is what we looked like ten years ago: This is what...

24th Jun