Close to Home

I had an unexpected reaction to the shooting that happened a week...

30th May


I was exiled from the living room the other day because Jack...

27th Nov
california bear

One-item lists

After I made my big declaration about how Facebook is stealing our...

17th Sep
One-item lists

I love being part of the problem

I’ve lived in California for more than 20 years now and yesterday...

14th Mar

Let’s call this Photo Friday

It’s Friday! And I spent all day at work getting conflicted every...

06th Jan

How are you!

Today was a very, very, very busy day at the library. We’d...

03rd Jan
How are you!

I haven’t been avoiding you!

I didn’t really mean to stop posting at the end of November,...

14th Dec

My (Most Recent) Liz Lemon Moment

People often bring donations into the library. I’m used to just saying...

24th Oct
My (Most Recent) Liz Lemon Moment

and it’s also true that I lost the map

First of all, if you’re actually visiting and not reading this...

05th Oct
carnegie deli

This is probably true

Probably the most useful instruction I’ve gotten in recent years as a...

05th Jul