I hate shopping more than life itself

Here’s the latest: if you ask me to draw “an animal,” you...

29th May

Thus be it resolved

My birthday is later this week and I’m having fun imaging that...

07th Jan


Yes, I blew NaBloPoMo. I failed at my own thing! For the...

21st Nov

I also wanted to grow up and be a Playboy Bunny

Sunday morning I was lollygagging in bed with a small but persistent...

29th Oct

Not dead yet

My god, I’ve been sick. I’m so healthy most of the time!...

26th Oct

One-item lists

After I made my big declaration about how Facebook is stealing our...

17th Sep
One-item lists

Look out, this is a long one

The last few years it’s been hard to enjoy blogging as much...

10th Jul
Look out, this is a long one

I can see!

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my eyes checked. (Life...

03rd Feb


In honor of Martin Luther King Day (or, if you depend on...

16th Jan

Fun with retail

Yesterday, I returned my birthday cake. This was not at all Jack’s...

12th Jan
Fun with retail

In conclusion

Unfortunately, it looks like a meteorite did not hit our house. As...

11th Jan
In conclusion

That whale’s going to have one hell of a bruise

Last night, about 1:30 in the morning, I heard a BANG. At...

09th Jan
That whale’s going to have one hell of a bruise