Jackson turned thirteen years old this past weekend, which we spent at...

30th Jun

And now it is February

My birthday present to myself this year was going to be a...

24th Feb

A progression of healing thoughts

This morning I was driving down Alamar when I saw a slightly...

21st Oct
watercolor peewee

My Weird Little Trip to CVS

Recently I had the opportunity to explain to a Millenial what a...

17th Jul

12 Years Ago Today

Twelve years ago this morning I woke up, tried to roll over,...

28th Jun

I got the swag and it’s pumping out my ovaries

Yesterday, for the first time in all my days, I cracked open...

21st Jun

Creepy little thoughts

I don’t ever really think about my archives because once I get...

26th Apr
creepy baby

This is Eleven

About a month ago I was all, “Oh, shit, spring break’s coming,...

01st Apr

More shocking developments

We have a new microwave oven, after having spent the last year...

01st Feb

I also wanted to grow up and be a Playboy Bunny

Sunday morning I was lollygagging in bed with a small but persistent...

29th Oct

Not dead yet

My god, I’ve been sick. I’m so healthy most of the time!...

26th Oct

Catching Up with the Kennedys

Last night I finished reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened out loud...

17th May
Catching Up with the Kennedys