Inner Space

Jackson and I were looking for some entertaining bedtime reading so we...

10th Jan
the willow bends but does not break!

Have yourself a guilty little Christmas

I spent a deliberate amount of time this holiday season thinking about...

28th Dec
Jackson & Peewee

Adios, NaBloPoMo

Without whom this book would not exist.

30th Nov
Jackson, panicking

Eat your heart out, Dizzy

Jackson’s school had Fifties Day a few weeks ago. I still don’t...

23rd Nov
beatnik boy

Mr. Freeze

I no longer remember why Jackson asked me to draw a picture...

01st Nov

Mother of the Year

The other morning, in addition to Jackson’s regular breakfast of — oh,...

30th Sep
Mother of the Year

After the Haircut

Jackson got his hair cut in a barber shop where the pampering...

30th Aug
after the haircut

Before the Haircut

20th Aug
before the haircut

I was forced to make this astounding tart, and you need not learn how!

First of all, this: Secondly, to get the first thing, I needed...

23rd Jun
plum tart

I’m here to tell you a couple of things about trying to break a board with your hand

Two weeks ago Sunday: the second half of the new draft of...

27th May
Orange Belt

Full Service

Sometimes I have to do the whole thing over after he’s finished,...

16th Apr
window washer

Today he smells like candy watermelon

Jackson has definite opinions on how he wants to look, and he...

13th Apr