Lunch with an old friend

Note: If you are someone who has ever appeared to be the...

10th Mar
Columbus Circle


Yesterday was the publication day for “Let’s Panic About Babies!” and I...

02nd Mar

And I haven’t vacuumed in weeks

One of the jokes in Let’s Panic the book is about how...

03rd Dec

Adios, NaBloPoMo

Without whom this book would not exist.

30th Nov
Jackson, panicking

Just One Nipple!

This is a page from a magazine my mother received when she...

28th Nov
so you can't afford a nurse!

The Piggy Bank Gang

I spent the whole weekend on the phone with Alice finishing editing...

22nd Nov
piggy bank gang


I happily, happily spent the day with designed pages spread out all...

19th Nov
Peewee and pages

And on the twelfth day

I spent today’s writing-time allocation doing an update for Let’s Panic and...

12th Nov


Thanks to many hours put in by the handsome, unflappable Joe, my...

03rd Mar