We’re having some fun

I appreciate the fact that no one’s called me out for not...

10th Feb
Nurse Peewee

What is this?

Jack says it’s a “potato bug.” I almost stepped on this little...

30th Jan

Welcome the Christmas Dick

I’d woken up feeling shaky and nauseated the day before Christmas. I...

28th Dec
Welcome the Christmas Dick

Day Sixteen

Jack invented these a few weeks back, and with Thanksgiving rolling up...

16th Nov

Day Two!

Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. Fifteen years ago today it was...

02nd Nov

and it’s also true that I lost the map

First of all, if you’re actually visiting fussy.org and not reading this...

05th Oct
carnegie deli

It’s a constant series of negotiations

My husband is kind, generous, flexible, hard-working, honest, deeply loyal, and a...

15th Sep

Going Solo

Things I love about practicing yoga at home: I don’t have to...

07th Sep
Going Solo

Things Fall Apart

You’ve been waiting a long time to Internet-diagnose my latest disease or...

10th May
Susan's flowers

Word to Your Mother

If memory serves, and it doesn’t always, but we can talk about...

06th May
Peewee likes Zabar's, too

Warm Leatherette

I have recently discovered that, much like yogurt and bad relationships, furniture...

21st Feb
Raft of the Medusa

me am literate

You’ll be excited to hear that I’ve read another book. In keeping...

01st Jan
me am literate