This first drawing started out as Mark Twain, and then Jackson came...

11th Nov

And now it’s Day Ten

Today’s drawings were done to accomplish two specific requests, one from a...

10th Nov

Fine as Wine

Today’s drawing is a blog post in itself. I say that because...

09th Nov

Eight Bait Mate Plait Concentrate

I’m still not done e-mailing people to ask them what they want...

08th Nov

Rhymes with Heaven

We’re sending $2,512.50 to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund today, my...

07th Nov

Some Thoughts On Day Six

You know what turns out to be everso just a little nerve...

06th Nov

Day Five, as Plain as the Nose on Your Face

(I’m not saying that your nose is plain, per se, and honestly...

05th Nov
two ears

Day Four: A Miracle

Okay, kids, for days Four and Five of this month I have...

04th Nov

What will happen on Day Three?

Here’s something interesting you may not know about me (and millions of...

03rd Nov
What will happen on Day Three?

And now it’s Day Two

Part of my evil plan in offering drawings in exchange for donations...

02nd Nov

Of course I’m doing NaBloPoMo

I am going down to Camp Mighty next week and in order...

01st Nov

Day Thirty

Today I had the strange pleasure of going in for jury duty....

30th Nov
Day Thirty