Day Five!

I call this one “Patriotic Lifestyles.”

05th Nov
Day Five!

Day Four!

Good Lord, how am I supposed to post when I’m traveling without...

04th Nov
Day Four!

Day Three!

I’m going to run out of those exclamation points very soon! Because...

03rd Nov
Day Three!

Day Two!

Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. Fifteen years ago today it was...

02nd Nov

Day One!

Well, here we are again, Day One of National Blog Posting Month....

01st Nov
calligraphy case 1

Travel broadens the mind, but coming back home warms the lap

Paul was released on DVD last week, which was a cause for...

15th Aug

Adios, NaBloPoMo

Without whom this book would not exist.

30th Nov
Jackson, panicking

Lunch and other important topics

What did I just have for lunch? I’ll tell you: it was...

30th Nov
Lunch and other important topics

Survey Says!

The other night a friend and I were talking about how in...

29th Nov
Survey Says!

Just One Nipple!

This is a page from a magazine my mother received when she...

28th Nov
so you can't afford a nurse!

Meanwhile, in the freezer section

When bagels are too round, and not enough like Twinkies.

27th Nov

Normally I’d just post this to Flickr and walk away

Apparently carrots take the masculine article at Whole Foods.

26th Nov