What happens is that you go apple tasting. Apple tasting! Whoever heard...

25th Nov
big fucking bag of apples

Dear homeless folks, sorry about the pie.

Dear Homeless Folks Who’ll Be Considering Eating the Thanksgiving Pies I Constructed;...

24th Nov
pumpkin pie

Eat your heart out, Dizzy

Jackson’s school had Fifties Day a few weeks ago. I still don’t...

23rd Nov
beatnik boy

The Piggy Bank Gang

I spent the whole weekend on the phone with Alice finishing editing...

22nd Nov
piggy bank gang

Peewee is a fashionable fellow

Last weekend when we were up in Pismo we stopped in a...

21st Nov
peewee fashion 1

Wordless Weekend 3.1 From Our Home to Yours

20th Nov


I happily, happily spent the day with designed pages spread out all...

19th Nov
Peewee and pages

A Study in Lost Momentum

I stopped eating meat in July. I’d just come back from a...

18th Nov
A Study in Lost Momentum

Please Join Me Elsewhere

My friend David’s been posting from the South Pole this month, why...

17th Nov
Please Join Me Elsewhere

The Evolution of November Blogging

The first year was like a fling with a guy who you...

16th Nov
The Evolution of November Blogging

From the archives

“Stephen and Timothy see their job as coaxing the latent stories out...

15th Nov
From the archives

Pumpkin Bowling!

14th Nov
Pumpkin Bowling!