More shocking developments

We have a new microwave oven, after having spent the last year...

01st Feb

Here we go

For some reason I could not handle all the nice words the...

14th Jan

I invite you to go elsewhere

I have two posts up in other places this week, both of...

23rd Mar
I invite you to go elsewhere

What is this?

Jack says it’s a “potato bug.” I almost stepped on this little...

30th Jan

Growth is painful

Yeah, I cut my hair again. (Did you really think I wouldn’t?)...

24th Jan

The widening gyre

STRANGE NOISE UPDATE: After I posted yesterday, I went outside to have...

10th Jan

Day Twenty-three

Yoda lives on a bookshelf these days, dispensing his wisdom as needed....

23rd Nov
Day Twenty-three

Day Nineteen

I was at work today looking around for books to add to...

19th Nov

Day Fifteen

Draw a squirrel choking a chipmunk. Why does the chipmunk look like...

15th Nov
chuck norris squirrel

This is how I know my dog can read

Peewee had been eating the same canned food pretty happily for the...

20th Jul
This is how I know my dog can read

I am tired

I’ve decided to continue ignoring Flickr and keep posting MY random photographs...

29th Jun
akatsuki cake


It costs me $70.00 to fill up my car at current prices....

15th Jun