Word to Your Mother

If memory serves, and it doesn’t always, but we can talk about...

06th May
Peewee likes Zabar's, too

Bike Swapping

First of all, congratulations to Autumnalyssa, who won the random drawing for...

04th May

Mother’s Day Is Nearly Upon Us

I like nothing more than a good holiday where I feel completely...

02nd May
my new bike

Here’s something

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of what I’m about to describe...

27th Apr
Here’s something


Hulk last one to hear that new movie in works about Hulk’s...

25th Apr
Bixby & Ferrigno

Lunch with an old friend

Note: If you are someone who has ever appeared to be the...

10th Mar
Columbus Circle

High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd

In a startling shift of habit that was long overdue, I have...

02nd Feb
High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd

Inner Space

Jackson and I were looking for some entertaining bedtime reading so we...

10th Jan
the willow bends but does not break!

Spring is only 88 days away!

Things our storage unit has eaten lately: 1. A box of my...

24th Dec
tinfoil star

And I haven’t vacuumed in weeks

One of the jokes in Let’s Panic the book is about how...

03rd Dec

Shakespeare got to get paid, son*

Last week a national magazine asked me if I’d write a short...

05th Nov
Shakespeare got to get paid, son*

The Kindle Swindle!

So I got a Kindle for Christmas last year, and I have...

04th Nov
The Kindle Swindle!