Halloween this year was unexpectedly awesome. Jackson has officially transitioned from cute...

02nd Nov

This has been bothering me

No one is acknowledging John Updike’s influence on Justin Bieber’s style, and...

16th Sep
John Updike, Justin Bieber

Bliss, I say

I was in New York City last weekend for a couple of...

15th Aug
Chelsea Stairs Down From 10th Floor

13 Ways of Looking at a Hamster

I The house was dark. The only moving thing Was the eye...

03rd Aug
13 Ways of Looking at a Hamster

Here, watch me ruin something funny by trying to explain it

I know that not everyone digs Kate Beaton (DANIELLE), but I am not...

05th Jul

Yesterday Evening in the Grocery Store

Twentysomethings with tattoos and creative facial hair, when did you discover my...

17th Jun
Yesterday Evening in the Grocery Store

I looked it up

When I was in second grade I read “cousin” as “cow-sin” and...

11th May
I looked it up


The theme of this week’s posting on Fussy seems to be Close-up...

15th Apr

Hot Wheels

I sort of feel like doing a daily photo again — or...

12th Apr

I realize that I did not try hard enough in the previous...

30th Sep

I took the advice of Hollyrhea (by the way, you people with...

12th Sep

On the bright side

I’ve been banished to a cold, windowless cell in Mac OS 10.2...

31st Aug
On the bright side