Day Six!

The winner of last week’s raffle is: Kelly! An e-mail to you...

06th Nov
santa ynez

Day Five!

I call this one “Patriotic Lifestyles.”

05th Nov
Day Five!

An Idea, an Announcement, and a Raffle!

First of all, every time I get into my car I have...

30th Oct

and it’s also true that I lost the map

First of all, if you’re actually visiting and not reading this...

05th Oct
carnegie deli

Travel broadens the mind, but coming back home warms the lap

Paul was released on DVD last week, which was a cause for...

15th Aug


It costs me $70.00 to fill up my car at current prices....

15th Jun

I want to work at Dreamworks when I grow up

Friday I let Jackson take a day off of school so we...

14th May

Tour Diary: All the Rest of Everything

More images from the Let’s Panic Some-of-the-World Tour ’11. The above photo...

23rd Apr
Bijou Cafe, Portland

Tour Diary: San Francisco

San Francisco, you were on your best behavior for us. Your sky...

12th Apr
meet-up after the reading

Tour Diary, Seattle

Things I learned about Seattle in the 21 hours I got to...

07th Apr
Space Needle

Tour Diary, Portland

Portland, you have some mystical-looking trees amongst you.

06th Apr