Like many people I’ve been dealing with nagging back pain for a very long time.  I’ve gone through all the common attempts at alleviating it, including Yoga, pain relievers, chiropractors, and strength training.  However what I found was that it wasn’t the tactics that were the problem (many of them are helpful, actually).  What I found was that my daily practice (of, you know, sitting at a computer all day) were aggravating it and making the tactics less effective.

Option #1 – The “Standing Desk”

There are many different ways to look at this problem, and many different ways people have devised to help with it.  The first I considered was that of a “standing desk“, which is essentially a desk that is raised to your standing height so that it does not require you to sit at it.  This is a good idea, but unfortunately standing all day can actually be as bad as sitting all day.

The trick then is to make the table adjustable so you can alternate between sitting and standing.  While this is a good fix, I’ve found it doesn’t work for me that well.  I end up sitting, for whatever reason, much more than I end up standing.  Even if I do stand an appropriate amount of time, the sitting portion still aches my back.  I was quickly on the lookout for another option.

Option #2 – Exercise Balls

A sitting ball

No matter how you look at it, it’s weird.

This one is quirky as well, it’s basically an inflated rubber ball, one that you might find in a gym setting.  Instead of working out and doing stomach crunches, you use it as a chair.  While this was also a good option for many people, I found it a little annoying to sit on a rolling ball.  It’s supposed to work out your core so that you are stabilized with your own muscles (and it does do that), but this wasn’t my main problem.

So I opted to move away from the exercises ball as a chair, but I still use it during my exercise routines, and sometimes it’s fun to bounce like a giant basketball.

3rd Time is a Charm – The Kneeling Chair

After evaluating the other options I stumbled upon the concept of a kneeling chair.  This strange contraption looks very odd.  When I first saw my colleague using one I wasn’t quite sure how he sat on it, it was just, awkward. Nonetheless he swore by it for his back pain, so I ended up doing lots of research and looking up different kneeling chair reviews online.  What I found was pretty intriguing…

  • Sitting without the lower back pressure

The way a kneeling chair is set up you can set and relax without all the pressure going to the base of your back.  Instead it is routed through your core and into your legs.  This was the change I needed, because it seemed any “chair” was doing the same thing, just in slightly different ways.  The kneeling chair changed the paradigm and the dynamic, or the force vectors, or the body alignment, or whatever else you want to call it.  It was different.

So that’s why I highly recommend the kneeling chair to anyone that is struggling with back pain after sitting at their computer or desk.  It really helps, and it’s disruptive to the norm, which I like.  Sometimes you have to go with a very strange, and awkward, change, in order to make a big difference.



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