With the state of the economy today and the fact that women only get a few months of paid maternity leave before they have to get right back to work, many find it overwhelming to leave their babies so soon. Working women find that they have to put on their Big Kid Pants and handle the responsibilities of motherhood and work.

Mothers who have not slept the whole night still have to go to work during the day. The sleep deprivation can lead to health problems. It can also lead to deterioration in the mother’s work performance. It gets worse when the mother is trying to balance work and school. Without proper care and strategies, a mother can find her physical and psychological Wellbeing suffering. Here are a few tips on surviving as a working mom.

Don’t hold on to guilt

Having to leave a new-born behind to go back to work can inspire feelings of guilt in some women. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you’ve left your child, focus on finding ways of striking a healthy balance between your work and your family. Constantly remind yourself of the fact that by working, you are able to take care of your child’s needs now and prepare for their future.

Get help

To survive as a working mother, you will need help. If your employer is one of a few who provides day-care and nursing facilities at work, you can have some peace of mind. If not, you will need to find a trustworthy nanny, day-care center, or babysitter to watch your baby while you are at work. One of the important things to remember is to consider experience when you are selecting a nanny or babysitter. If you are going for the daycare option, find one that has fewer kids, has adequate space, is clean, licensed and has qualified caregivers whose backgrounds have been thoroughly checked. If your partner work schedule allows it, he can also help with the baby.

Be organized

You will need to acquire amazing organization skills if you don’t already have them. You will need to move much of the activities that make up your morning routine to night. Before you sleep, pack yours and your kids’ bags, get the clothes ready, pack the diaper bag and place everything in one place where you can easily grab them as you go out.

With so much on your plate, it can be easy to forget things, including the important ones. You may need to keep a calendar of the tasks and events you must attend to. Review this calendar regularly and frequently and come up with a schedule.

Use time wisely

It is likely that reduction and elimination of time-wasting activities will take place without you even being conscious of it. Nonetheless, you need to review your daily activities and see what activities you need to reduce or eliminate. You should do this both at home and at work.

Further, separate work from home. Don’t carry your work home. Instead, having gotten a good caregiver for your child and ensured all the supplies are there, try to focus on your work and finish it. If possible, leave whatever’s not complete for the next day.

Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your relationship with your partner. It is easy to be so preoccupied with baby and work that you neglect yourself and your partner’s needs. Therefore, you need to actively find ways to get some time for yourself and involve your partner.

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