The recommended weight gain in pregnant women of normal BMI (18.5 to 24.9) is between 25 and 35 pounds. Those who are underweight are advised to gain up to 40 pounds while the overweight women should gain no more than 25 pounds. It is however common for women to gain more than this. It is also a desire of a considerable number to lose the weight gained in pregnancy. This is the weight that many women want to shed after they have delivered and for some, it is easy while others face an uphill task. If you want to lose the pregnancy weight, here are a few tactics that new mothers can try.

Eat Right

Proper nutrition is an important during pregnancy, breastfeeding and after. During breastfeeding, many women find that they are hungrier than before and tend to eat more. This is largely because the body still needs nutrients and calories for strength and milk production, thus crash dieting is not a suitable option for new moms who are breastfeeding. One of the ways to keep weight gain in check and your strength and milk levels optimum is to eat right. This means eating enough healthy foods as opposed to snacks with refined sugar. It may also help to have appropriate servings of healthy foods more frequently. This is important so that your energy levels are kept steady throughout the day so keep healthy snacks near.


With a newborn, you are likely to find it difficult to maintain a strict, intense exercise regimen. However, this should not mean that you cannot find time and ways to exercise. On top of the home and baby care tasks; simple activities such as dancing, walking with the baby can help you drop some pounds (keep track of this with a fitness tracker specifically for moms). Once the baby is a little older, or you have someone to help babysit; sneak in some jogging, swimming, and gym time when you can. Another weight loss tactic is to use the stairs. If you are healed enough to tackle the stairs frequently, make use of an upstairs room for things such as diaper changing. This will force you to go up and down those stairs. When you are out of the house, use the stairs as much as you can.

Get Rid of the Stress

Stress manifests in different ways and has varying effects on different people. For some, it can cause weight gain in which case dealing with the stress can help you lose weight. Exercise will help you lower stress levels and at the same time help burn more calories. In addition, doing things that help you relax such as spending activity time outdoors, getting help, and some time to yourself can also help. Sleep is also important for so many reasons. Unfortunately for new moms, it is difficult to have 8 hours of restful sleep. Nonetheless, you need rest and one way to get it is to sleep when the baby sleeps. You will also need to take advantage of the people around to help with some tasks such as doing laundry and dishes. If you don’t have the help, you may need to let the laundry pile up do some chores less frequently.

Despite these and other tactics, some moms have trouble getting rid of the stubborn pounds. Hiring a trainer can help. For moms who aren’t breastfeeding, the help of weight loss products can be sought from an orlistat uk pharmacy.

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