Best Baby Wraps for Mothers in 2017-2018 (For Comfort and Safety)

Choosing a wrap for your baby can be hard when there are just so many options for new mothers. Patterns, designs, sizes, and straps oh my! To help you make the best and most comfortable decision for your and your little one, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest selling and highest quality and best baby wraps for mothers in 2017-2018.

Keeping baby close to their parent’s chest is important for their early development, with studies showing bonds between parent and child growing fast within these formative years. Choosing a wrap that keeps your baby close to your heart to help develop those early tender bonds while also keeping in a mother’s comfort is crucial when making a selection.

Tie the Knot Wrap by Lille Baby

Lille Baby is a company known for its eco-friendly practices and toxic-free materials that are hand-selected for your baby. Their Tie the Knot Wrap is their best selling carrier, with a comfortably soft and breathable fabric that reduces pressure on the neck. A neck support pocket ensures both baby and mother have the highest level of comfort. Sporting a fashionable and darling color options such as Blush Pink, Powder Blue, Royal Teal as well as the timeless Black and Navy.

Moby Wrap Organic Baby Carrier

moby wrap baby wrap

This wrap is among the quickest selling and most popular wraps produced within the last year. Moby focuses on breathable material that is made with Green energy and is chemical-free for your baby’s sensitive skin. The Moby Wrap is one of the most comfortable baby wraps on the market today, with large straps that reduce pressure on the shoulders and back. Baby sits comfortably and closely to you while also not using any complicated straps or fasteners. The Moby Wrap wraps for unique ways for a fit that is most relaxed and comfortable for you and your child.

My Baby Nest Baby Carrier

My Baby Nest Baby Wrap 2017-2018

This carrier is one of the easiest to use with no complicated instructions. Simply slip the padded shoulder straps around your back and fasten into place. No complex directions or different ways of wearing for a brilliant ease of use. The fabric holds baby securely abreast while also providing the greatest amount of support for the mother. There is an extra support strap that loops around anywhere you like to functionally and effectively reduce weight in the area of your choice.

Boba Wrap Classic

Boba Wrap Baby Wrap Carrier

The Boba wrap is a simplistic carrier with breathable, stretchy fabric that creates a womb-like environment for your baby. Swaddling your baby on the go can reduce stress for fussy or light-sleeping newborns. It is one of the easiest to clean wraps on the list being washer and detergent safe so spills and spit-ups are no problem. The Boba Wrap is made especially to make breast feeding easily accessible with a hand’s free design that is geared towards long walks and easy sitting. The cotton is soft and durable for everyday use.

Bibbetts Pure Linen Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Bibbets Puer Linen Baby Wrap

Ring Slings are perfect for mothers who want a break for the shoulders and like to look down on their new little one. Bibbetts Pure Linen Ring Sling Baby Carrier is a soft, ergonomic option that is CPSIA Compliant and extremely comfortable to wear. This wrap is easy to pull over the shoulder and set off at once for a day of shopping, strolling or cleaning around the house while keeping baby close and secure. The loose design is both fashionable and comes in several different design patterns; remaining functional and fresh.

MyRoo Tube

Myroo Tube Baby Wrap

MyRoo Tube is a seamless, natural, skin-to-skin kangaroo style care wrap that is the most natural way to care for your baby. Skin-to-skin contact has many health benefits for newborns and mothers, increasing that unbreakable bond that develops during baby’s first year. Your newborn is close to your breast and can easily listen to the patter of your heart in order to strengthen the relationship between you. MyRoo Tube is breathable and airy so the parent does not become too hot or uncomfortable during extended use. Four-way stretch makes MyRoo Tube easily accommodate any size required with options ranging from SM to XXL.

Nuroo Pocket

Nuroo Pocket Baby Wrap

The Nuroo Pocket is another one of those most popular items of 2017-2018. The Nuroo Pocket offers skin-to-skin care in an affordable and breathable wrap shirt that mothers can wear as part of their normal wardrobe. Flattering, chic options make carrying your baby and dressing fashionably a breeze. A pocket in the front of the short ensures your baby is fully supported by stretch fabric that looks natural and sleek on the outside of the Nuroo. Mothers are clamoring for this item, and they sell out extremely fast. This trend of skin-to-skin contact benefits having just been discovered and utilized in new baby care developments is off the charts!

Lalabu Dad Shirt

Lalabu Dad Shirt Baby Wrap

A kangaroo style wrap for Dad. We can’t leave Dad’s out, can we? This men’s style shirt is similar to the Nuroo but with a manlier cut for him. The shirt comes in a neutral, warm gray that makes it easy for Dad’s to share the care of junior equally among partners. This wear promotes child and parent bonding equally between the sexes. Lalabu is no novelty with adjustable head support and a breathable mesh panel that makes carrying a breeze.

Sleepy Wrap

Sleep Wrap Baby Carrier

Sleep Wrap Comfortable Cotton Baby Carrier designed for Newborns is a wrap that encourages sleep for your baby on the go. It comes with a unique hood attachment that allows you to fully swaddle your baby for a nap even while you are walking or doing housework. The Sleepy Wrap is a must-have for traveling families and can be a lifesaver on long flights. Affordable and machine washable, you simply can’t lose with the Sleepy Wrap.

Mika’s Baby Sling Carrier

Mikas Sling Baby Carrier

This wrap is made as an ergonomic solution to colic and gassy babies. If you’ve had a newborn and struggled with proper burping or fussy sleepers, this Baby Sling is designed perfectly to distribute the weight in such a way as to promote healthy bowel releases that can be a leading cause of colic. This wrap also features instructable videos that are invaluable resources for new parents in properly burping and helping release tension in tired, bloated babies. The wrap also has all the benefits of a regular wrap, including skin-to-skin contact and easily breast-feeding access.