Round bellies are a common sight among women and men. These elicit varying views and reactions in different people. For some women, the belly bulge is a bit embarrassing. They often have trouble finding the best jeans to wear that won’t outline the belly since some only worsen the situation. The problem is not limited to jeans alone, but touches on other types of clothes too. Such jeans make their bellies appear larger than they are. Well, there are jeans that can help improve the appearance of mom’s bellies.

Below are some of the best jeans for mom belly.

Levi’s Women’s 529 Curvy Skinny Jean

Levi's Women's 529 Curvy Skinny Jean


Moms have an outstanding array of top jeans they can choose for their mummy tummy. Levi’s Women’s 529 Curvy Skinny Jean has to be one of the top names on that list. Each fabric has different content based on the color of the jeans.

The jeans are easy to wash in the appropriate machine. Levi’s has been manufacturing these kinds of jeans for over 140 years. Mom can now wear these jeans confidently and proudly safe in the knowledge that her mummy belly will not embarrass her.


With these jeans, moms will discover the waistband is designed higher in the back rather than the front. This is a deliberate decision designed to ensure the front part sits at least two inches below the mom’s belly button.

It provides moms with a flattering fit. It is long enough at the back to provide the cover mom needs while sitting down. The jeans are also comfortable. They retain the normal size to avoid confusing moms and so they can identify the size they are most familiar with easily.


They are mom jeans, so you will struggle to fit into them once your belly is gone. Additionally, they are quite thin around the legs so might not fit a full-bodied mom. Rather than tapered legs, moms will discover this part of the jeans is layered.


Motherhood Indigo Blue


Its main attraction among moms is the secret fit belly. This 5-pocket pair of jeans was designed with moms in mind. It respects womanhood by telling moms there is nothing in or with their bodies to be ashamed of. It helps them understand that they have beautiful bodies too.

The jeans serve expectant mothers perfectly. It serves moms who are pregnant, but still wish to be as trendy as possible with their choice of clothes. It is a maternity pair of jeans. Moms now have their go-to choice of a pair of jeans they can wear proudly while pregnant.


This pair of jeans is slim fit and comfortable too rather than skin tights. They fit moms perfectly well. They are cute and elegant. They stretch well, so moms have no reason for worrying about feeling squeezed and uncomfortable while wearing the jeans.

The jeans is distressed at just the right places. The distress is super beautiful too. The pockets are also well detailed. This pair of jeans has the right amount of color as well. The fact that these jeans stretch is good news for moms who gain weight too fast.


For many moms, the fact the jeans have a tendency of stretching out too quickly during the day is not good news. They may not serve a super slim mom well because they stretch and get loose too quickly.

Sweet Mommy Stretchy Jeans

Sweet Mommy Stretchy Skinny Leg Maternity Colored Pants


Sweet Mommy Stretchy Jeans come in various colors. It offers moms more options of color to choose from, which increases their chances of finding what they love. The jeans are super stretchy too, which is good considering some moms grow quite big during pregnancy.

The jeans offer moms a perfect wear whenever they want to dress casually and look laid back. The jeans come in various sizes too. Sweet Mommy Stretchy Jeans also guarantee the level of comfort moms need while carrying that little yet beautiful baby bump.


These jeans are the most comfortable and stretchy maternity pants moms will ever wear. They are the perfect fit though they don’t roll down. Sweet Mommy Stretchy Jeans are the best for petite women.

They are comfortable enough around the belly, which is great news for moms who never wear belts or anything that feels too constrictive around this part of the body. Moms can play around with the adjustable elastic around the waist to make the jeans wearable again post-delivery.


The jeans can feel tight around the hips. They may also appear ridiculously small thus making moms doubt if the jeans are really for full-grown adults. The fabric that’s at the front has a habit of tearing easily too.

Stretch Maternity Jeans

Stretch Maternity Jeans Secret Belly Band Support Pregnant Jeans Maternity Pants


Stretch Maternity Jeans are designed with a lot of focus on the moms’ ever-changing bodies while pregnant. The creative weaving creates high-density knits that provide moms with the level of coverage and comfort they need while pregnant.

The jeans are not only soft but also quite comfortable to wear the entire day. They are essential maternity dresses all moms should add to their wardrobes. Ninety-eight percent of the composition of these maternity leggings is cotton while the rest is Spandex.


They’re not only comfortable to wear, but also elegant. They are more durable than the conventional pair of jeans. They do not bleach at all. The jeans also feature seamless stretch fit. They are super soft; thus, expectant moms will find them worth wearing.

They are an essential piece of clothing all moms should add to their collection during pregnancy. The jeans embrace the expectant mother’s ever-changing body quite well. They provide the perfectly smooth silhouette.
The jeans are of high quality too. They are not excessively tight around the calf area as well.


They can be too short to extremely tall moms. Also, expect the jeans to appear a bit snug in certain areas of your body. They soften up after the first wash and this could be a bit troubling to moms who need something much tougher.


Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Jeans

Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans


Fewer maternity jeans serve expectant moms better than Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Jeans. They are made of both cotton and spandex. They come with faux front pockets. These skinny leg jeans deliver stylishness and comfort.

The jeans are also machine washable. Most moms wear the jeans with ankle boots to create an elegant style befitting them during pregnancy. They are very soft and will hug the mom’s legs as well as belly gently.


Jessica Simpson makes great jeans for moms with a mummy tummy. The jeans are also price rightly and affordably priced. They maintain their shape all day long. Unlike other types of maternity jeans, moms never have to worry about these ones getting saggy around the hips.

They fit perfectly. There is nothing to worry any mom in that regard either. Expectant moms will be pleased to discover there isn’t a single strand of extra saggy fabric just below the belly band too.


The belly band has a knack for slipping down frequently. Therefore, moms will have to either put up with that or look for a different solution. At the back, the jeans also tend to sag a bit; hence, the importance of taking good care of them.

Final thoughts

Wearing the right clothes including selecting the best jeans can help accentuate the best features while camouflaging others you wish to hide. The jeans discussed above can make you look hot even with the mummy belly. However, even as you visit your favorite physical or online store to buy these jeans, remember inner beauty. Wear the best jeans, work out to lose the belly, but most of all remember to wear confidence and a sense of self-worth.

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