By 2017 nearly 65% of the states in the U.S. had either legalized or decriminalized marijuana in some way. This trend marks a radically different world from the 1990s, when the revolution was just beginning. In that sense, the medical marijuana business has a bright future ahead, and momentum continues to build daily. Marijuana dispensaries are popping up everywhere, and these businesses have evolved from a cottage industry to one of the nation’s fastest growing.

In that sense, the medical marijuana business has a bright future ahead, and one company,, has jumped to the forefront of the needs of the industry by developing marijuana dispensary wordpress themes that generate more money by doing nothing more than improving the first impression of those visiting a marijuana dispensary website. In addition, the company offers full blown SEO packages to assure the Google Page One presence of the website.

Looking to start your own? Might be easier then you think…

Remembering that search engines are looking to give high rankings to original niche sites, the beauty of launching a marijuana website in the early stages of legal cannabis evolution is that there’s a wide open terrain of untapped information about the cannabis plant, running the dispensary business, menus, products and other aspects about the marijuana industry.

The robust nature of their themes indicates that Weedthemes seems to understand the need to be able to capture the website visitor’s attention very quickly. This can help you save a lot of money on your advertising because it will be more efficient when your landing page is converting much better, and if you do this, you should have no problem at all getting more sales.

Lot’s of Variety

They offers several themes, while most companies offer just one. The problem with one- theme companies is that all their clients sites will look the similar. With WordPress, (after selecting your Weedthemes Theme), your dispensary website can be completely individualized by modifying theme colors, logo upload, custom fonts, social media links, etc. In addition, marijuana websites themes by Weed Themes are not only responsive, they also adapt to each ancd every screen resolution. Each Weedthemes dispensary theme is coded and designed to look perfect on a any device. Whether it be a laptop, tablet or smartphone, whichever dispensary website theme you choose, is guaranteed to look great!

E-Commerce becomes Weed-Commerce (!?)

All of their dispensary WordPress Themes come complete with the Woocommerce shopping platform, and can easily sync up to Indica Online POS software (, making it simple to manage all of your sales, patients, orders, and inventory in one place. No other company offers such a comprehensive dispensary business system embedded right within their theme.

It’s always interesting to see a young company identify a growing marketplace, position themselves as the burgeoning leader, and watch them grab the biggest portion of the marketplace. seems to be well positioned to do so in the fast growing marijuana dispensary wordpress theme marketplace.

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