As with any other business, like australian house cleaning business, starting and running a house cleaning business calls for a careful planning and consideration of what it takes to run such a business. For fellow s that are already convinced that this the way to go, here are some motivations: Australian house cleaning service industry has greatly grown in the recent years. This growth in the industry is associated with the increased outsourcing of cleaning services by the government and businesses, the increasing franchising business model that is also taking root in the Australian house cleaning industry and finally steady revenue that has been noted in this services industry.

Areas of operation

House cleaning services in Australia can be broadly divided two broad areas which can be sub-divided further into subcategories. This is good news for any business minded person like you since this means that there more business opportunities in this sector and all you need is to identify your niche or area of interest. The two main categories of house cleaning services are general cleaning and carpet cleaning.

General cleaning

Up to this stage, you might have noted that running a cleaning business can be done in several ways namely as independent agencies, franchise or as corporations. The nature and size of your business also dictated the kind of work that you can handle. General cleaning, for instance, is very broad as the name suggests and it ranges from industrial cleaning to simples domestic cleaning. The specific work done at level bounces back to the nature of the business. As a business person, therefore, will have to tune your business model to fit into the specific work that you wish to offer. To help you appreciate what general cleaning entails, here is a list of sub categories of general cleaning services offered in Australia;

· Domestic cleaner

· Hospital cleaner

· Commercial cleaner

· Commercial plant cleaner

· Steam, pressure and chemical cleaner

· Spring cleaning

· Window cleaning

· Blind cleaning

· Chimney cleaning

· Wall and ceiling washing

· Post-disaster cleaning (fires, floods)

· Post-construction cleaning

· Post- and pre-party preparation

· House watch

· Pet wash

Carpet cleaning

This is a kind of specialized cleaning service that seen in Australia. It involves carpet and upholstery cleaning, fire and smoke restoration, water damage restoration and forensic cleaning. The other aspect of Australian house cleaning services that you may wish to note is that you can offer specialized services alongside general cleaning service. This will definitely give a competitive advantage in the market and more increase your revenue streams.

Your clients are the valuable assets of your business

house cleaning customer client relations

In Australia, the house cleaning market has main types of clients; regular home cleaning clients that will contract you’re for a period of time to offer your services at a regular interval of time. The interval can range from hourly to daily or even weekly. The other type of client is a one-off cleaning client who will contact you to carry out a specific cleaning service for that particular time.

All these clients are equally important to your business. Make satisfaction of your client your priority number one if you are thinking to see you’re of business grow and thus have a steady flow of income.

Key Takeaway

Remember to plan at every stage of your business and be ready to take the risk that is associated with this kind of business.

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